New Facebook Layout Causes Uproar Among Users

This morning I woke up and did what I do every morning, I checked Facebook but this morning was different, Facebook have changed the layout of the site. This has caused quite uproar among users of the site, my news feed was filled with status’s about how people didn’t like the new layout.  

Instead of Facebook having the recent posts and the top posts on separate pages they are now all on one page, the home page is a mess of posts from earlier today and recent posts making it impossible to see anyone’s new posts. Facebook also added a new ticker feature which is very annoying and distracting but if you’re on Google chrome there are various web add-on’s that remove the ticker and they actually work to.  Many Facebook users are now turning to Google + which was made available to the public today. I am not going to delete my Facebook account but I will be using it a lot less and favouring Google +. What do you think about the new Facebook layout? Leave a comment be low.

By Robert Leat
Editor in Chief
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