Angry Birds Live action Trailer


Rooster teeth creators of the red vs. blue halo machinima series have created a live action trailer for the game angry birds. A soldier uses a sling shot and the birds are referred to as the “secret weapon”. The game is available on most mobile platforms. 

iPad 2 sells for $5,000

Want an iPad 2? That'll be $5,000, then...
Apple's iPad2 (c) Apple

On the American auction site Ebay the iPad2 was spotted selling for the hefty price tag of $5,000 (£3,076) in addition to the iPad he is throwing in a case for free how generous. Demand in America has been high with most shops and online retailers selling out of stock and apple have said it will take 4-5 weeks to ship if you order from their website.

Nintendo 3DS Most pre ordered console of all time

Nintendo 3DS the most pre-ordered console ever
Nintendo's 3DS (c) nintendo

The Nintendo 3DS has become the most pre ordered console of all time, over taking the Playstation3. The 3DS is Nintendo’s new 3D console which allows you to play games in 3D without glasses.  It beat the Playstation3’s pre order figures by 20%.

Kinect Fastest selling Gadget of all time


(c) microsoft

Microsoft’s Kinect is officially the fastest selling Gadget ever. Kinect has grew massively in popularity since its release in 2010, Microsoft announced that its motion sensitive add-on has sold more than 10 million units in total, which is pretty good for a gadget which launched last November. And in addition to this 10 million stand alone Kinect games have been shifted worldwide. All of this has got Kinect into the Guinness book of records for “The fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time”.  This is even better than apples iPad. 

The iPad 2 All you need to know

(c) apple 2011

Yesterday apple unveiled their new product, the iPad 2. Steve Jobs came back from his medical leave of absence in order to present the iPad.   It will feature a dual core processor as well as improved video. Like the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G it will feature front and rear cameras for face timing. The new iPad is a lot thinner than the previous Ipad , thinner than the iPhone (8.8mm). it is very light weighing only 1.3 pounds , the original iPad weighed 1.5 pounds. It will be available in two colours , white and black.  No change in price which is unusual you would expect apple to increase the price .  it will be released on the 11th in the US and on two weeks later in other countries. Android tablets are going to have to step up the game in order to compete with the iPad 2   
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