3D or not to be?

      So, we've kind of reached the stage where a reflective view on 3D films seem suitable, with hindsight on our side. Although the first 3D film was actually released back in 1915 it has been the blockbusters of the 21st Century which have captivated consumers interest in 3D-ism. We've reached an epoch of immense digitalisation and technological advancement, but are 3D films really the pinnacle of this ever-growing industry. Are they Dogs, or even just perhaps a Problem Child?

 No difference at all  
         A new UK film poll by YouGov has revealed some discouraging statistics. 41% say 3D films are a 'gimmick', with just 19% agreeing that they enhance a film. Furthermore, just under half of the participants said it made no difference at all. Are you shocked yet? To be honest, I'm not either. The poll also gives some interesting opinions concerning the cost of a ticket for a 3D film. If the price of a 3D ticket was the same as a 2D one, the poll suggests that cinema goers would still prefer to watch the traditional format. The survey did suggest that if 3D was possible without the glasses, over 52% of viewers would prefer it to 2D.  In conclusion, we prefer no glasses and are not yet prepared to take the risk.

Desirable concept
        Where does this leave the 3D industry? For one, the creators seem certain its a futuristic and desirable concept, with the introduction of 3D gaming and 3D TV's. With 3D's huge costs to produce ( it is the equivalent of filming something three times) it could be seen as a risk, but premium prices for TV's and cinema tickets seemingly being able to compensate for this. It is an innovative idea and has done well to move away from the 'jump-out-the-screen' picture to a 3D effect which makes it seem like we can see 'around' a person. From my experience, wearing glasses to watch a film is perhaps a step too far. They are irritable and just seem to add an unnecessary screen between you and the film, perhaps the worst thing that could occur when you are trying to immerse yourself in the storyline.

     It's hard to say where the future lies for 3D. It's a subjective topic which I'm sure has so many people being prescriptive of its purpose. I like it but I just don't love it, or loath it for that matter. Perhaps that's the problem. We should wait some time and see its true capabilities, but it's OK, it's simply OK.

What do you think of 3D films? Are you surprised of the statistics from YouGov? What are your experiences? Feel free to comment below or pop me an email. More stuff coming soon.



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