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Playstation Network update

Sony has provided yet another update about the PlayStation network. They posted a long Q and A; they insisted that they are still not sure that any credit card details have been taken. The service has now been down for a week and it is likely to be down for another week.  Sony has said “Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.” can we still trust Sony?

PSN still down after 6 days

The PSN  is still down after 6 days. The latest update from Sony suggest that some personal data  may have been compromised “ We have discovered that between April 17 and April 19, 2011, certain PlayStation Network and Qriocity service user account information was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network.” They also went on to provide a list of things they were doing to combat the problem, the main being that they temporarily turned off the PSN and Quirocity services. Sony have hired an outside security firm to investigate what actually happened to disrupt the service. Sony will be emailing every PSN user with a letter which can be seen here.  From what i have heard it is likely to be back online next Wednesday at the earliest. Follow @leatstechcorner on twitter to be kept up to date. Also search leats tech corner on facebook.  

Playstation Network Still Down

A capture of Playstation error
(C) Robert Leat 2011

The play station network is still down.  Users receive the message “playstation network is undergoing maintenance”   In a recent blog update Sony said “.An External intrusion on our system has affected our Playstation Network and Qrirocity services”.  They also said “ we are doing all we can to resolve this issue quickly” 
In the last couple of weeks the PSN has been targeted by a group of hackers called “Anonymous” but the group has denied all responsibility for the attack, in a statement they said “For once we didn’t do it”.  The PSN is used by 70 million people worldwide however it is unclear how many people have been affected by this issue.

iPhones Track your Location

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It has come to light that iPhones  and 3G iPads regularly record  the devices location in a hidden file.  This has apparently been happening since the release of iOS 4. This has caused a lot of panic; the big question is What is Apple using this data for?    

This is nothing new mobile phone companies have been storing data from your phone for years, but don’t worry the data is protected and in order to access the data you will require a court order.
Post a comment below, are you happy that Apple are doing this?

Twitter To Buy TweetDeck


Twitter is looking to buy Tweet deck, a third party twitter app, for $50 million. Tweet deck is set mainly in the UK and with twitter wanting to open a London office this would certainly help the service grow. However neither company has officially announced anything yet. 

RIP Flip Video- Cisco Discontinue The Flip Video Range

(c) Cisco

Cisco has announced that they are going to discontinue the flip video range. This means that there is a limited stock of flips available. The Company Started the craze for one touch affordable pocket video cameras. The Flip was launched 4 years ago (2007) by a company called Pure Digital Technologies. In 2009 they were bought by Cisco who realised the potential of the flip. The reason for this decision is thought to be the increasing quality of video on smart phones with many such as the iphone 4 featuring HD video. 

Android Boosting Smart phone Market

Gartner a research firm predicts that Android will significantly boost smart phone sales over the next 2 years. And windows phone 7 will soon over take iPhone.  Demand for Android will see the market for smart phones grow by 58% this year and 38 %, according to Gartner’s latest report.
windows Phone 7
Gartner foresees Windows phone 7 overtaking the iPhone in popularity by 2015.
(C) Android

Next iPod nano to feature camera?



The new iPod nano may feature a camera. has apparently got the seventh generation iPod nano case, the case clearly shows a cut out where a cut out where the camera would go. It would appear apple hasn’t realised their mistake and has kept the same size, which is impossible to use because it’s so small.  
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