Euro Gamer Expo 2011 Round up

On Friday 23rd of September I attended the Euro Gamer Expo at Earls Court in London.   The event was sold out. I was fortunate enough to have been given a press pass which allowed me early entry to the expo before it was open to the general public. I didn’t have to queue to get in and there was a separate entrance for the press. When I was first arrived there were very little queues for all the booths. I went straight to Olive booth as they were giving away free Micro Consoles. I queued  for about 20 minutes , I got my Onlive console which came with a free issue of PC gamer magazine and vouchers for a 3 month trial if you’re a BT internet customer which I am.  After that I went to the AlienWare booth which featured all of the latest AlienWare  PC’s and a very difficult driving simulator which had hydraulics , a gear stick a steering wheel and 3 screens and it was playable in 3D with Nvidia’s 3D vision technology.  

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 as they were in the 18 + area and when I tried to gain access to that area it was being guarded by security so I couldn’t get in. But I got to play some awesome games including , Uncharted 3 the sequel to Uncharted 2  Among  Thieves which was awesome  I played the multiplayer mode which was great and highly addictive.   I also played a game called Rage which was made by Bethesda, The mode I played was arena mode where hoards of enemies were sent after you and you, the aim was to survive as long as possible, I also played Forza 4 motor sports which was good, you had about 4 cars to choose from and you could do a 2 lap race, the graphics were pretty good. Samsung had a booth there where they were displaying many of the TV’s and Gadgets they were releasing ,I got to have a go on the new Samsung galaxy tab and I was pretty Impressed , I played fruit ninja on it and the touch screen was very responsive.  There was a press exclusive room that only people press passes could go in, it had free WIFI and they provided us with lunch, I felt very amateur compared to everyone else as they all had broadcast quality cameras and macbooks.  One of my friends even over heard someone say that they worked for IGN.

There were several cos players (people dressed up) and some very hot gamer girls.  There were quite a few games I would love to have seen but the queues for them were just too big, Counter Strike GO’ for example and Batman Arkham City. My favourite game that I played was defiantly Uncharted 3 and I am going to pre-order it.  I had hope to get round to doing some interviews with developers but I was just having so much fun that I didn’t get round to it. Next year I think I will go to more than 1 day as there was so much I would have liked to see / play but couldn’t. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to next year . You can see all my pictures from this year on my personal Facebook fan page.

By Robert Leat
Editor in Chief
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