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This is a roundup of some of the notable events that have happened in the world of Technology and gaming this week.

Apple Macbook’s Updated

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Apple has updated its macbook pro range of laptops, they have a big power boost and will include the all new thunderbolt connection standard.
They are available in 13, 15 and 17 inch screen sizes; they will come with a dedicated face time feature as well as faster, better processors.
The 13 inch model comes with either an intel core I5 or an I7. However for the larger screens apple will be using AMD Radeon HD graphic cards which have 1Gb  of video memory.

iPad 2 Launch on march 2nd

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 The iPad 2 will launch on Wednesday. Apple sent out invites in the shape of an ios calendar icon peeling away to reveal what looks like an iPad . The main event will take place in San Francisco

Nintendo 3DS Launches in Japan
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The 3DS went on sale in Japan and sold out very quickly. Reports suggest Japan liquidated the 400,000 unit shipment of 3DS consoles. Some lines had up to 2,000 people waiting to get their hands on the 3DS.

Cha Cha Sue HTC for Facebook phone trademark infringement

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Facebook phone rumours have been circulating for a while. HTC revealed the Cha Cha, a phone with a dedicated Facebook button. Cha Cha is a registered trademark, since 2007 and as you can imagine they were not very happy with HTC name for the new phone because they don’t want users thinking  they have endorsed the phone. Cha Cha is asking for money for damages and an injuction to prevent the phone going to market with their name.    

Twitter Down

So it would appear Twitter is down. I have not been able to access twitter at all, after a quick Google search it would appear I am not alone. It would appear most users are not able to access the site however some are but those lucky enough to be able to access the site are experiencing slow loading times. The site Twitter Status  says “currently experiencing elevated error rates” Twitter better get fixing this pronto. 
Screen shot of error message


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