Modern Warfare 3 campaign act1: Black Tuesday


Check out my play through of the first mission on campaign mode on MW3.

Modern Warfare3 launched



The highly anticipated game Modern Warfare3 was launched at midnight on 7th of November.  UK launch took place in Old Billingsgate market, London and was streamed live on youtube to 1000’s of fans. The launch featured a tournament which where the winner went up against the best players in Europe and it was won by a British gamer. Example also performed a live set, as did chase and status. The event was also attended by many celebrities and the media.  Another highlight was the celebrity tournament , the UK was represented Joey Barton, the QPR player he wasn’t great and described himself as a “camper” this was followed by a huge boo from the crowd. 

The live stream was well presented by 4 presenters, David bass known on youtube as daveyboyz, Rick Edwards the T4 presenter, Graeme Boyd of Xbox UK and Danny Wallace, a journalist and radio presenter.  Trailers and unreleased footage of the game were showcased at the launch; Graeme Boyd went to the Oxford Street game store where some fans had supposedly been queuing since last week just to be first in line to get a copy of the game.  Soldier’s abseiled down the side of the building with the first copies of the game.  I ordered my copy of the game from Amazon and I will be posting videos on my youtube channel as I have obtained an easy cap capture card. Full review to come stay tuned.

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