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On Saturday Along with thousands of other people I attended the London MCM comic con. The event featured comics, movies and Games. I was lucky enough to see a preview of gears of war 3, Deus EX Human Revolution, and Red Faction Armageddon. Gamespot UK had a stand and I was lucky enough to meet Gamespot UK editor Guy Cocker, he was a nice guy and even remembered my name after I bumped into him for a second time.  Gamespot had various game machines such as old arcade machines and an Xbox which allowed you to try kinect; they also had a competition to win a customised Xbox.  From What I saw of Deus Ex, it was very good the graphics looked good and the story looked good, I can’t wait to play the full game. Also I got to see the destruction mode of Red Faction; it looked like a lot of fun to play.  

me and a Johnny Depp look alike
Many attendees of the event chose to dress up, these people are known as “cos players” costumes ranged from amazing and cool, to frankly weird and bizarre. Many were gaming related, and others were film characters and some were anime related.  I had my picture Taken with several cos players my favourites have to be the Johnny Depp Look alike and the Storm Troopers who interrogated me. Another Highlight for me was the talk from the Futurama cast in the theatre area, there was an audience Q and A session with the cast, and they did most of the characters voices. I had a great day at the expo and I would definitely go again next year. Checkout my facebook page for pictures from the day.  
Me and Gamespot Uk's Guy Cocker       


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