Decorah Eagles become Most Viewed Live Stream

Screen Shot of Decorah Eagles Stream

The Decorah Eagles are a family of eagles nesting in Decorah, Iowa. The Resource Project, an organization which specializes in the preservation of Falcons, Eagles, Ospreys, Hawks and Owls.  They created a Ustream channel, which featured live coverage of a pair of Bald Eagles and their off spring. In the last couple of months they eagles have become online stars, the stream was created back in 2010 but it wasn’t until February of this year when the pairs eggs started hatching that the traffic started coming. The Channel has attracted 25.6 million views today and in total it has had 95 million views.  It is the Most viewed Show in Ustream’s 5 year history, the previous record was 35 million views. Online Streaming is becoming more popular with the Royal wedding receiving 75 million viewers.  


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