WWDC Keynote 2011 Summary

Yesterday Apple held their annual developers conference. Apple unveiled their new iCloud service which is basically a media streaming service; it syncs media and iTunes music to all iOS devices. The best part is that this service will be free of charge, it will replace Apple’s current Mobile Me service. iCloud allows you to wirelessly sync  photos, documents, apps and games to all of you iOS devices , Macs and PC’s. An interesting feature of the iCloud service is iTunes Match , which scans you music library , it will then log what songs you have and it will make these songs available for download on all your iOS devices ,  if the AAC files Apples’  iTunes store uses are higher quality than the files you have in iTunes it will automatically replace them with a 
higher quality version free of charge

Apple's iCloud service

Apple also unveiled iOS 5 which is the latest mobile operating system for all iOS devices. The beta is available   currently available to developers only, regular consumers will have access to the download later this autumn. The Changes include: Notification centre, a lot of  iOS users  complained about how push notifications interrupted whatever they were doing , forcing you to deal with the notification, the update removes this and instead replaces it with an android style pull down notification centre,    The camera launch time will be much faster, a lot of iOs device users complained about slow camera launch times ; Apple promised  much faster launch times. The volume up button will now double as a camera shutter; imaging focus has also improved with aperture lock and on photo editing. Apple has now Added iMessage an instant messaging service similar to the Blackberry service BBM.

Apple's iMessage service
The next Mac OSX called Lion was announced. The new features include:  Multi-touch gestures this  allows you to swipe between windows, view mission control , pinch to zoom; Full screen apps is another  feature added to Lion; Mission control which “brings together full screen apps , Dashboard, Exposé” and a new feature which allows you to get a “birds-eye view “  of everything on your system. For the full list of OSX features go here.

The Birds-eye view feature of Lion

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