Skull candy Lowrider Headphones Review

I recently purchased The Skull candy Lowrider over Ear headphones from HMV for £35. The main reason I bought these was because Dr Dre Beats are a rip off and I wanted to find a cheap alternative. They come in a variety of colours but I went for the black and blue pair.  The ear pads are fairly comfortable and there is padding under the arch that goes over your head.  The head phones are adjustable to allow the headphones to be place in a more comfortable position.
The Black and Blue Lowriders (C) Robert Leat

A feature I like is that the head phones can be folded; this makes it easier to store the headphones as they become more compact and allows for greater portability.  The ear buds can be turned which allows the headphones to effectively be used as speakers.     
The Folded headphones (C) Robert Leat

The headphones have the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the sound quality is pretty good the lyrics of songs are very clear but unfortunately they’re not noise cancelling so you can still hear background noise such as cars.  Another thing I do not like about the headphones is the plastic is very flimsy and feels cheap. The headphones do not stay on your head that well so it would not be a good idea to wear them while running.   
(C) Robert Leat

Overall the head phones are good , and they’re not too expensive. They are good for the price I paid for them however I would recommend spending a little bit more money and getting some higher end headphones. I would rate these headphones 7/10 (mediocre)

By Robert Leat Site Founder and Editor
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