A BBC Survey into 3G reveals Shocking Results

A BBC survey designed to look at the state of Mobile Networks in Britain has revealed shocking results. Mobile operators claim that we can get 90% or more 3G coverage. The survey has revealed that there are still many “not spots” these not spots include even towns and cities.  as a result of the survey the BBC was able to find out that the people who took part were only able to get a 3G signal  75% of the time , the rest of the time smart phone users had to rely on the older 2G technology which is much slower than 3G
Map of UK with data points
Areas where data was collected (C) BBC

With an increase in the use of smart phones mobile coverage is becoming more of an issue as people rely more on their smart phones. The BBC created an app which allowed users to test their coverage. 44,000 people participated in the experiment which aimed to create a map of coverage.

To check your coverage you can view an interactive map here.  I have an xperia x10 mini phone which is on the O2 network, I have found recently that I have rarely been able to get 3G and I live in a fairly big town. According to the map there are only a few 3G hotspots in my town, the only place in my town I have ever got a 3G signal is at the station. Clearly a lot needs to be done to improve 3G signal.  


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