RIM Explain BlackBerry Black Out

BlackBerry Bold.

RIM the company behind the BlackBerry has finally explained why BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India have not been able to use BlackBerry Messenger and other internet services.  RIM has said "The messaging and browsing delays being experienced by BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina were caused by a core switch failure within RIM's infrastructure,"

"Although the system is designed to failover to a back-up switch, the failover did not function as previously tested. As a result, a large backlog of data was generated and we are now working to clear that backlog and restore normal service as quickly as possible."  The statement ended with “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will keep you informed”

BlackBerry Services have been disrupted for 2 days, let us know if you are still having problems with your BlackBerry, Tweet @leatstechcorner or go to our Facebook page, leave a comment below.

By Robert Leat
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