Apple Announces iPhone 4s

Apple's iPhone 4S

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 4S at their Let’s Talk iPhone event.  It will feature the same processor as the iPad2 and upgraded ram. To the disappointment of myself and a lot of tech community Apple did not announce the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 has instead been upgraded and redesigned. Apple has done this before, with the iPhone 3G and then later the 3GS was released so this is nothing new.  The Screen is the same size as before (3.5inch) and features the same high resolution touch screen but has an upgraded A5-processor. What do you think of the 4S let us know.

By Robert Leat
Editor in Chief
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Hello? said...

If I was on a contract that wouldn't charge me any extra for upgrading, I'd be happy to pay the £200 or whatever it'll be. If not though, I'd go for an iphone 4 now they're on the cheap, and upgrade once the 5 comes out.

There just aren't enough new changes to make it worth it in my opinion. And whatever they say about the camera letting in 70% more light, that hole in the back is still the same size - boosting that sensor is only going to decrease the low light performance of the camera.

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