SOPA- My View

As you might be aware the American government is trying to pass an act called SOPA, which stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. SOPA is intended to clamp down on “rouge websites” such as piratebay which host illegal content.  

But many people are saying this act could be the death of youtube because under this act you would not be able to post footage of games without the developer’s permission, and the same goes for song covers, it is for this reason I am against SOPA. I think that no country should not be allowed to”censor “the web, this act would mean the end of my youtube career as I have built a channel based on “lets plays “of games. Many big companies’s such as Google and Wikipedia are against SOPA, Wikipedia are temporarily shutting down the site in protest against SOPA, Google will be displaying an anti SOPA message on their website in protest of SOPA as SOPA would censor Google search engine results.  Facebook and yahoo have also expressed their opposition to SOPA by sending letters to key members of the American senate.   Let me know what you think of SOPA by leaving a comment or by tweeting @leatstechcorner , use the hash tag #leatstechcorner

By Robert Leat
Editor in chief


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This is ridiculous what they're doing!

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