Temple Run Review

Temple run is the highly addictive iOS game that everyone is playing. It was created by the Washington D.C. based developer Imangi Studios. It can be acquired for free from the apple app store. It is soon to be released on the Android platform.

The basic premise of the game is that you are running from a temple whilst being chased by demon monkeys, you have to maneuver around corners by swiping your finger left or right, you also might have to jump over gaps or obstacles by swiping your finger upwards.   There are also vicious flames and deep tree roots that you have to duck under by swiping downwards with your finger. The further you get the higher your score.  The game features a store which allows you to purchase upgrades which help you to improve your score; to purchase these upgrades you must collect coins in the game by tilting your device towards the coins.  This game is highly addictive and you will spend a lot of time trying to beat not only your score but your mate’s score.   The game also features achievements that you get by completing tasks such as getting a new high score, or by collecting a certain number of coins.  The game also integrates apple’s game centre system which allows you to view your friend’s high scores and also the top scores in the world.

The main downside I have found to this game is that sometimes after pausing the game it doesn’t give you enough time to recover and continue playing so pausing usually results in me dying straight away. Another downside I have found is that the game doesn’t always respond when you swipe across the screen and this has resulted in some very frustrating games for me.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this game for hours of fun gameplay and competition with your friends as you try to beat their high scores.  This game will keep you entertained on long journeys and will help to combat boredom.  I would give this game a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

By Robert Leat
Editor in Chief


Jamie Gostlow said...

Another point is that I've found Temple Run is 10x easier on an iPhone compared to an iPod touch. The response time on the iPhone is alot quicker. Resulted in me getting about 80k on and iPod to then play on an iPhone straight after and get nearly a million!

robert_leat said...

Know what you mean Jamie , its taken me ages to get to 400k , find it doesnt always respond on my ipod , guess the iphone is quicker as it has a better processor than an ipod

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